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Dark Mind Productions is dedicated to helping independent filmmakers and content creators, with unique films and stories that make a contribution to society, get their ideas made. The films can be narrative films, documentaries, short films, and web series with compelling and powerful stories told with passion.

To help filmmakers, Dark Mind Productions offers assistance from development to preproduction and all the way to the final product. Dark Mind Productions aims to create a community of artists and creators. Our mission is to create entertaining and inspiring stories that better the understanding of the human experience.




"I'm a Cinephile. I love films of all kinds and have ever since my mother first dusted off the ol' VCR. The stories you can weave through visuals, the larger-than-life characters, the human connection... honestly, I just really love film. "


“I knew there was something different about me when, as a kid, I preferred watching ‘March of the Penguins’ as opposed to ‘Happy Feet’. After studying Film at the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, I developed my love for documentaries and traveling further than ever before. One day I hope to be an established independent documentarian who travels the world.”

“Who doesn't love music and dancing!? I have choreographed and performed in ballets and modern dance full-scale exhibitions, so the pressure is no stranger to me. As a Dark Mind Producer, my goal is to always have a solution. With a strong background in equipment use instruction, teaching, and creative movement, I am able to bring a unique presence to any production.”


"My biggest dream as an artist is to create new worlds for myself and others to explore through the visual medium of film. I enjoy exploring new and old technologies and techniques, constantly developing my skillset in order to give myself the most tools available on any production. This allows me to be the best filmmaker I can be while also allowing me to let my imagination run wild."

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"I'm not from this planet, I'm a Cinephilian from planet Cinema, and I love films!! My job is to bring good energy so that the creatives can bring you fun stories! My dream is to be cast in a movie but for now, I'm enjoying being the face and mascot of Dark Mind Productions!"


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